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At Bailey, our mission is to glorify God in all we do. We offer many opportunities during our Sunday services to celebrate and glorify God. We emphasize that worship isn't just for Sunday mornings, but it's part of everyday life.
We know that the church isn't the building. It's the people. So, we encourage each other to go out into the world and share the love of God through our gifts, resources, and generosity.
It's important to us that you continue to grow, but growth doesn't happen without a plan. One way we grow is through our Pathways to Maturity. This is a guide to help you along your personal growth. Another piece is community. It's necessary to connect with each other, and one way do that is through Care Groups.

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Recent Sermons

Do you ever wonder: Who is God? Who are we? Who am I in Christ?  Join us this summer as we dive into important questions of faith.

Next steps- BAiley basics

This first step class is designed to help answer some of the most basic questions about our Church: what we believe, how one becomes a Christian, what our vision for the future is and how you can be part of it.
Light lunch and childcare will be provided.

Next steps- care groups

Care Groups are how we connect to each other on a personal level. We set community as a high priority at Bailey. It's important to create real relationships and that means that church isn't just meeting with other on Sundays, but that we're doing life with each other.
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